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Dr Gary Living with extreme chronic pain, in different parts… “Hi, I am so sorry to hear you are in such pain, and that the medications are giving you so…”
Mercy Grace chrocnic pain “You need to see a Neurosurgeon. Have you tried accupuncture ?”
acebass Multiple Chronic Conditions and Low Back Pain “Hi, Busy Grandma, I have several conditions in common with you - damaged lumbar vertebrae, neuropathy in my arms and legs…”
Bobbi53187 New here “Hi Lindberg - I get it. Been living with chronic pain (Anklylosing and RA) for 20 years. Still have to…”
Beckysniko Pain Clinics “Hi BreC, I started going to a pain clinic 3 years ago at the request of my rheumatologist when we…”

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