The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation

By Dr GaryCA Published at October 9 Views 2,439 Comments 2 Likes 4

When you do relaxation exercises, one of the ways to calm down all of that bang-banging in your head is to use a meditation word. This is also referred to as a mantra. This is word that you can say over and over to give your mind something to work on while you relax.

Pick a word, or a phrase, that has meaning for you. Words such as “love,” “peace,” or “relax.” Phrases might include “I am peaceful and powerful” or “God is love.” You might want to have a few meditation words in your back pocket to use, depending on the situation and your state of mind.

To make use of your meditation word, start by getting into a comfortable position. Either look ahead but slightly downward with your eyes half closed, or close your eyes completely. Take deep, slow breaths. Say your meditation word or phrase each time you inhale and again when your exhale. At some point, you may become so relaxed that you don’t need your meditation word anymore.

Don’t get frustrated if you still find your mind wandering. The point is to take the time to meditate, not to be successful. After all, that’s why it’s called meditation practice.

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