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I am wondering if there is anyone dealing with CRPS/RSD? I have other groups but I don't understand it, other than in most cases, never go away. Some days I feel so crazy as I can't rest. I just diagnosed with Psoriasis, and some kind of infection from my nerves, as my face, ear, head, and neck (Possible top of feet) where it is bright red, burning, pain, feels like someone beat me up with the pain, burning, and embarrassment. My Dermatologist seems not to be so bright, my pain doc is trying to help me with more pain meds, etc…I just want it to stop. I know how someone might feel that they just want to die to get over it. Believe me I understand it. I just tell myself, it will be over, it will be over. If it wasn't for Clonazepam, that calms me down, I might have those suicidal thoughts. I see how someone will feel that way. Some months it is unbearable. I have no idea what to do with this and Cellluitis on my face, that it makes it feel someone just slapped me so hard and rang my bell. Can someone please, understand what I am typing???????

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